Quick Answer: Who Is Ashley In Raising The Bar?

Are raising the bar and going for gold the same movie?

Going For Gold shares a number of similarities with Raising The Bar, which was set in the world of gymnastics competitions.

Going For Gold is the third feature film for writer/director Clay Glen, who sets his films against the backdrop of gymnastics..

How old is Emily Morris?

38 years (February 10, 1982)Emily Morris/Age

How old is Emily Morris a 2nd chance?

22 yearsEmily Morris Profile:Personal InfoStage NameEmily MorrisProfession(s)Actress,BirthdayFebruary 10, 1998Age22 years (As in 2021)20 more rows

Is raising the bar on Netflix?

Raising the Bar | Netflix.

Is raising the bar a sequel to a second chance?

The movie is the sequel to A Second Chance and is set for cinema release in September 2019. … In 2016, we saw a number of familiar Delta faces in Raising the Bar, the follow up film to the original A 2nd Chance movie. You can check out the action from our first movie adventure here.

What does raising the bar mean?

to be better than what went before. to raise standards or expectations. to set higher rules/goals. to make something harder.

Is there a sequel to going for gold?

The Cutting Edge: Going for the GoldOriginal releaseMarch 12, 2006ChronologyPreceded byThe Cutting EdgeFollowed byThe Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream16 more rows

Who plays Josh in a 2nd chance?

Hapi MurphyCast (in credits order)Nina Pearce…Kate JonesAlanah Gilbert…Chelsea SmithLilly Blacker…Erin BishopHapi Murphy…Joshua PhelpsElysia Markou…Beccy Henson52 more rows

What happens in raising the bar?

A teenager who gave up her spot in an elite U.S. gymnastics program when her family moved to Australia enters a competition to help a new friend. … Kelly re-enters competitive gymnastics, she’ll have to find a way to move forward while also making amends with her past.

Is raising the bar a true story?

Raising the Bar is a 2016 documentary film that follows six young individuals with Down syndrome from Australia and India who perform a dance routine at the World Down Syndrome Congress 2015 in Chennai, India.

Is Emily Morris a gymnast in real life?

For someone who has made a career out of gymnastics-based films, Morris says she never practised gymnastics as a child and has no idea how to perform the moves. “I was stunt doubled in every one of those scenes,” she says. “I just stumbled into the gymnastics world!” Actor Emily Morris says A Second Chance: Rivals!

Did Kelli Berglund do her own stunts in raising the bar?

Disney fans, prepare to see Kelli Berglund like you’ve never seen her before. … Berglund not only flexed her acting skills on set, but she also did most of her own stunts, making “Raising the Bar” a must-see film this summer.

Is Maddy Cornell a real gymnast?

Set 10 years later, Maddy has now become a gymnastics coach herself, after recovering from an injury that has taken her out of Olympic contention. She now leads a new team of young gymnasts drawn from all walks of life, and soon rediscovers her passion for the sport.

Who plays Megan in raising the bar?

Andary-GeslinCastCast overview, first billed only:Kelli Berglund…Kelly JohnsonJack Tomich…ScottyCaetlyn Collins…Coach MelIsabelle Andary-Geslin…Megan11 more rows

How old is Maddie from a second chance?

In A Second Chance 2 Emily Morris reprises her role from the original film, in which she portrayed 12-year-old gymnastics star Maddy Cornell. Set ten years later, the plot follows Maddy as she becomes a gymnastics coach after recovering from an injury which took her out of Olympic contention.