How Much Money Does Mrs Lyons Give To Mrs Johnstone?

What are the main themes in Blood Brothers?

The main themes include:social class and inequality.superstition and fate.violence..

Who is to blame for the death of the twins in Blood Brothers?

Linda and her affair with Edward carry much responsibility for the deaths of the twins.

Where does Mrs Johnstone live in Blood Brothers?

LiverpoolIn ‘Blood Brothers’ Mrs Johnstone lives in a poor end of Liverpool, struggling to bring up eight children on her own and is forced to give one away to keep the others clothed and fed well enough, whereas Mrs Lyons, whom she works for, lives in a large house, very comfortably in a nice part of Liverpool, she wants …

Who demands money from Mrs Johnstone?

Johnstone has given birth to her two baby boys. As she returns home, a Catalogue Man and Finance Man descend upon her and begin to demand that she pay her bills, asking her why she orders things she can’t pay for.

What superstition does Mrs Lyons makeup?

Mrs Lyons makes up a superstition about the twins Mrs Lyons uses her knowledge that Mrs Johnstone is superstitious to ensure that she does not tell anyone about giving away one of the twins.

How do the blood brothers died?

This revelation completely unhinges Mickey, however, as he realizes that he could be the one living Edward’s life. As he gesticulates wildly with the gun, he accidentally shoots and kills his twin, and is immediately shot and killed by the police in turn.

What is Mrs Lyons first?

Jennifer Lyons Quotes in Blood Brothers.

Why does Mrs Lyons find her house rather large?

It’s a pretty house, isn’t it? It’s a pity it’s so big. I’m finding it rather large at present. We bought such a large house for the – for the children – we thought children would come along.

Why does Mrs Lyons hit Edward?

Key characters: Mrs Lyons Mrs Lyons hits her son, Edward, in this section. The stage directions say she hits him ‘instinctively’ (p. 37), suggesting that this is the result of frustration or anger beyond her control. … Or her anger at Mickey for tainting her son with his ‘filth’ (p.

What does Mrs Johnstone represent in Blood Brothers?

The biological mother of Mickey and Edward (as well as a horde of other children, including Sammy and Donna Marie), Mrs. Johnstone is a deeply superstitious woman who is forever scrambling to get by, but has a good heart and a strong sense of right and wrong.

Where does Mrs Johnstone move to in Blood Brothers?

At the start of Act 2, Mrs Johnstone enters now living at her new home in Skelmersdale lane. She introduces Sammy, now 16 who has burnt the school down and Mickey,now 14 and in love with Linda. (Marilyn Monroe 2). All Mrs Johnstone’s other children have ‘got married or moved away’ and Donna Marie has 3 children.

Why does Blood Brothers start by revealing the ending?

Conclusion: While the opening initially seems to give a sense of the inevitability of Mickey and Edward’s deaths, revealing the ending to us means that the audience focuses on what leads to the tragic end and examines the factors involved, such as social class and violence.

What is the name of Mrs Johnstone’s first child?

Johnstone apprehensively agrees to this and is made to swear on the Bible to keep to the deal. Mrs. Johnstone has the twins, and names the two children Michael (known as Mickey throughout the play) and Edward in 1963, but then regrets having agreed to give one away (“Easy Terms”).

Why does Mrs Lyons make Mrs Johnstone swear on the Bible?

As her husband is away, she can conceal the truth from him. Mrs Lyons suggests that the twins will be taken into care if Mrs Johnstone cannot look after them and points out what a good life the child would have with her. … Mrs Lyons makes her swear to the agreement on a Bible.

Who is Mr Lyons?

Mr Lyons is Mrs Lyons’s husband and he believes he is Edward’s father. In the play he: is away on business at the start of the play so he believes Edward to be his own son.

Does Mrs Lyons work?

Mrs Lyons doesn’t work, but she has a cleaner, and no children. At first, we feel sorry for her, because she can’t have children and her husband is distant and unsupportive.

What is Mr Lyons job?

A wealthy businessman, Mr. Lyons feels affection for his wife Mrs.

What class is Mrs Lyons?

Both Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone explores the theme of social class such as working class (which is Mrs Johnstone) and middle class (which is Mrs Lyons even through she might class herself as upper class because, she cares more about her social image then other people feelings.

Is Blood Brothers based on a true story?

Originally titled The Divine Tragedies, Blood Brothers is based on the true crime story of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, two wealthy students attending the University of Chicago who thought their superior intelligence would allow them to get away with the perfect murder.

Is Mrs Johnstone a good mother?

Mrs Johnstone is a warm and caring mother, despite the struggles she faces supporting her eight children alone. At the start of the play, she describes how difficult her life has been. … Although Mrs Johnstone is very loving, she does not have control over her children and they cause a lot of trouble.

How does Mrs Lyons manipulate Mrs Johnstone?

Mrs Lyons’ desperation leads to her manipulating Mrs Johnstone into giving her one of the twins. Mrs Lyons is devious in the way that she persuades Mrs Johnstone, which shows how much she wants a child, but also suggests that she has a cruel streak. … As Edward grows up, Mrs Lyons is overprotective and jealous.