Are The Flip And Flop Couple Back Together?

Is the couple from flip and flop separated?

While fans of former Flip or Flop couple Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa were stunned when the two split, now there’s more bad news for Anstead on the relationship front, as she and new husband Anthony “Ant” Anstead have also decided to divorce, after less than two years of marriage..

Who cheated on flip or flop?

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Tarek caught Christina sending explicit text messages to a contractor, Gary Anderson, who had been previously employed by the couple. This betrayal sent Tarek into a spiral that caused him to pack his handgun in a backpack and storm out into the nearby mountainside.

Who is Tarek El Moussa’s girlfriend?

Heather Rae Young (2019–)Tarek El Moussa/Partner

Did the flip or flop couple get back together?

But it might be a little too late: Tarek is officially off the market! As of January 2020, Tarek announced he had moved in with girlfriend and Selling Sunset star, Heather Rae Young! The pair have been happily together for several months now.

Why did flip or flop couple get divorced?

“I wasn’t very vocal with them about some of the issues that Tarek and I were having, so all of the sudden it’s like, bam — I’ve moved out, I’m living at my nanny’s house.” In the divorce paperwork, the couple cited “irreconcilable differences,” but it may have been a little more complicated than that.